Rod Sprauve started his career in media as a print journalist and radio talent.  He holds a Juris Doctorate and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Media and Journalism. Over his career, Rod has served in various capacities as on-air talent in television and radio.

Rod is an educator, a masterful communicator and a life-long learner.  For many years, he has worked as an innovative project planner and professional development trainer, designing and delivering comprehensive projects and self-improvement training to executives and managers of various corporations (including Fortune 500s) and municipalities around the country.  He has also served on the faculty of several universities.

Rod now brings this unique set of skills to his clients as a voice over talent/actor—providing reliable and timely commercial, narration, audio book and character voice over services.

You can contact Rod by sending an email to: or by calling: (912) 604-8140.